Taekwondoe Round Kick

Taekwondoe ROUND kick

The Taekwondoe  round, or Taekwondoe  roundhouse kick, is one of the most useful moves in all of martial arts if used effectively.

The Taekwondoe round kick can deliver a quick and powerful strike in the blink of an eye. Power from the roundhouse kick comes from the momentum of you’re turning body, so if you are hitting for power then it is recommended that you wind up a little bit first.

It is easiest to execute the kick from a stance perpendicular to you’re opponent, this way you get the full effect of turning into you’re opponent. Once you have set up in you’re stance, you should bring you’re leg up in and begin to turn into the kick.

As you extend you’re leg you have a few options for striking you’re opponent. If you are aiming for the head you can strike with the top of the foot, however you could risk injuring yourself.

 A safer way to strike is curling the toes back and striking with the ball of the foot, as with a front kick.

 If performing a break you should always strike with the ball of the foot, as striking with the top of the foot can injure or break you’re foot.

If striking a human opponent in a combat situation, you can use strike with the shin, which will do a fair amount of damage if you strike to the solar plexus. A Taekwondoe round kick should send you’re opponent staggering if done with enough force, and it is perfect set up for a front kick to the chin.

You will frequently see a round kick used across martial arts, as it is a part of many, such as karate and kung-fu.

Mastering the Taekwondoe  round kick adds a powerful weapon to you’re arsenal of techniques, and prepares you for more complicated techniques that rely on rotational torque from the hips or legs to deliver a powerful strike.

The Taekwondoe round kick is also one of the most basic kicks in the Tae Kwon Do martial art, so learning it and learning it well is a must!

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