TaeKwonDo Front Kick

One of the first kicks you will learn in TaekwonDo is the front kick.

 The TaekwonDo front kick has a variety of uses, but it’s speed will be one of the things you will find most useful about it is it’s speed, however a good front kick can also have sufficient power to send someone staggering.

To execute a TaekwonDo front kick you must be facing you’re opponent. When you have him lined up, you bring you’re thigh up so it forms a 90 degree angle to the rest of you’re body.

 The next step is extending the leg, great care must be taken to ensure that the toes are back so that when you’re foot strikes you’re opponent it will hit him with the ball of the foot, this ensures maximum damage to the opponent.

While this may not be important for forms or sparring (as in these mediums you are not attempting to hurt anyone.) It is of supreme importance in breaks, as if you strike toes down with the top of the foot then you will risk breaking bones.

When extending and turning the foot and toes up, you can hit whatever part of you’re opponent’s body you want to aim for.

The TaekwonDo front kick is extremely useful as a quick attack, although care must be taken to avoid giving you’re kick away. Make sure when you execute the technique that you do it quickly and unexpectedly, as telegraphing the move will allow you’re opponent to grab the leg and deliver a throw or counter.

Taekwon do Front Kick

When breaking with a front kick, you should position the board at a 45 degree angle to the ground. Perform a warmup kick or two and then decide on where to hit the board.

The kick should break the board cleanly so long as the toes are back and you hit the board with the ball of the foot.

The TaekwonDo front kick can also but faked with one foot and then performed with the other foot in a jump, this is typically called a jump-front kick.

Practice this move and it can be invaluable in many situations!

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