Tae kwon do Backfist

There are two types of blow that you can deliver with the hand in Tae Kwon Do, the closed fist and the open hand.

Closed fist strikes generally hit for more power, however open handed blows can be faster and may take your opponent more by surprise.

One of the many closed hand strikes out there is the Tae kwon do backfist.

With a punch you are using power from the arm, shoulder, and legs to power the strike, however with a backfist, as with a round kick, you use rotational power from you’re body to drive the fist into the opponent.taekwondo backfist

 Situations that call for a Tae kwon do backfist are many, it can often be more powerful than a punch if thrown correctly, as it uses torque to deliver power rather than pure arm strength.

When executing a Tae kwon do backfist it is easiest to start in a stand that puts your body perpendicular to the opponent.

Some wind up is acceptable if you really want to drive the strike home, but avoid telegraphing the move.

 Bring your arm and fist across the chest so that the inside of your hand is touching you’re ear. Bring your arm out and extend, rotating into the strike as you extend.

It is usually most effective to strike your opponent in the head with this move, you can then follow up with a punch or other hand strike, or if sufficiently staggering you can also deliver a kick. Backfists are also an effective way to set up for a combo in sparring.

During a sparring match it is not necessary to put the entire force of the blow behind it, as you do not want to injure your opponent.

You can, however, hit to the side of the head with the Tae kwon do backfist, which could disorient your opponent, and then proceed to strike with a low punch that they might not see coming.

The Tae kwon do backfist is also used for breaks commonly.

Be sure to strike with the knuckles and not the top of the hand however, as you will not make the break and could injure your hand if you do not strike with the knuckles.

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