Preparing Taekwondo Test


As you may already know, one of the ways you measure progress in Taekwondo is through ranks.

At each new rank you will also receive a new belt that is colored according to you’re rank. Gaining a new rank is typically done through testing after months of practice.

For an instructor to consider a student eligible for testing you must have several things done.

First, you’re current forms must be crisp and clean, and you must perform them with kihaps in the correct places and with confidence, power and energy.

¬†It is important that while you should focus on you’re current form(s) that you should also continue to strengthen you’re past forms.

Practice of forms is not all you will need to be ready for testing however. You must also be able to spar at a level acceptable for you’re rank.

When practicing you’re sparring, try to get a partner who is at about you’re rank, or even better, spar with an instructor.

¬†Concentrate on controlling you’re moves and defending against you’re opponent’s techniques. Usually an instructor will want to spar with you extensively before he invites you to test.

Another important thing to have done is being confidant with you’re break. Break a board is often part of testing at higher ranks, and as such you should be able to perform it effectively.

I have seen many students fail to receive their new rank due to a failed break.

Many schools have time set aside on certain days specifically for breaking, you can pay a fee for wood and then show up and practice the break with instructors there to assist and guide you.

Once you have you’re forms under control, are proficient enough in sparring at you’re rank, and you know you’re break really well, you will most likely be invited to test.

Tests are held at various intervals depending on the school, but you will usually have a few weeks to prepare.

During this time you should make any final preparations. You may also want to research the art’s culture and origins as well, as some schools will administer a written test along with the physical one.

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