Finger Strike

We have been talking a lot about open hand versus closed hand strikes, however now I want to talk about one of the most effective strikes in the skilled Tae Kwon Do combatant’s arsenal.

FINGER STRIKE Chops, punches, back fists and other hand strike all serve a very similar purpose: Injuring your opponent, but today’s technique could very well end a fight without much fighting if done correctly.

 The strike is called the finger strike, and revolves around striking the opponent with an open hand with fingers straight, and then striking with the tips of the fingers.

The strike starts from a hands raised ready position, and is done very quickly with an extension of the arm and a final position of arm extended and palm down.

 The reason this strike can be so potent is because of it’s precision.

 You can deliver an eye strike or a throat strike very quickly, and these can be painful and damaging enough to end a fight without much effort.

Honing the finger strike is important as if poorly executed you will hit in an unintended area, which may very well put you in a dangerous position.

Performing a break with the finger strike is highly inadvisable, as this can lead to serious damage to the hand and fingers. Highly trained and skilled individuals may be capable of breaking a board with the finger strike, however it is only due to years of training.

The finger strike is also not very useful in sparring as it’s usefulness lies in the precision it offers, and in sparring you will be wearing protection over the hands which will ruin that precision that the finger strike offers.

Another reason that the strike is not useful in a sparring match is that you will usually use it to attempt to injure an actual opponent greatly, and this should not be your goal when sparring.

Using the finger strike in the right situation, after much practice and repetition, can lead to a damaging strike that may end the fight before it is really finished.

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