Tradition Versus a lacktherof

Tae Kwon Do, or any martial art for that matter, carries a lot of tradition and history, and this is something very important if you are going to get involved in it. The same of course, can be said of any martial art, however the age of the art depends on the amount of tradition that exists. When it comes to an art such as Iaido, which is samurai sword training, the traditions and history run back hundreds and hundreds of years. An art like Tae Kwon Do does not have quite as rich a history, however it certainly bears it’s own traditions that need to be respected.

This is where the question falls on the school it’s self. On the one hand, a school that is very traditional may also seem somewhat stifling and difficult. A school that doesn’t follow traditions as closely may seem too loose. It all depends on what you are looking for. If you are purely looking for fitness, then a less traditional school may be the perfect place for you.

However, if you aim to master the art in both its physical and spiritual forms, then you will need to learn of the traditions at some point. The other thing that tradition does is give more validity to a school and it’s training. A school draped in the history of the art shows that it’s founders studied the art for a long time and with a great amount of care and consideration for tradition.

Usually traditional schools will have more complicated acts such as bowing in then a less traditional school may have. You also find that a traditional school will seek to create a tight knit community, something that may or may not be important to a less traditional school.

Ultimately the choice comes down to whether you are looking for serious training or a tool for fitness such as weight lifting or running. Tradition breeds excellence, but depending on your dedication, that may not be what you are looking for, but rest assured, you can have fun no matter where you train!

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