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Taekwondo is about self improvement and defense, and although one should always seek constant improvement, it is also helpful to have a way to gauge you’re progress. This is where belts, and rank, comes into play.

Ranks in Taekwondo are displayed by wearing a colored belt around the waist. Colors run the gamut, from blue, to red white, to yellow black, but one thing is common, starting at white and ending with black.

The number and color of belts depends on the school and organization the school is affiliated with. Some schools will only have a small number of belts, say 6 or 7, while some will have over 20. One way to tell of a school’s credibility could be it’s number of belts.

Traditionally, most Taekwondo schools had a small number of belts, but in a modern world it is common for schools to use belts and the testing (which I will talk about in a second) that comes with them as a way to create revenue.

Typically, to gain rank one will attend a test. Depending on the Taekwondo school you may be administered a written test as well as a physical one. Usually physical tests will require you to demonstrate you’re current form(s) as well as spar at a level expected of you’re rank. Finally, at higher levels, it is often required to perform a break, which is breaking a board or other object with a specific technique.

When you receive a belt in Taekwondo, you may also receive a certificate that indicates the rank you have just reached, once again, this is based upon school. It is also common for a Taekwondo school to provide more ranks for children then adults, this does two things; on the one hand, if the school charges for testing, it creates revenue; on the other hand, it allows children to feel progress.

Gaining rank usually means that you will be required to perform more complicated Taekwondo forms, spar at a higher level, perform more difficult breaks, and in more traditional schools, have a greater understanding of the art. Improvement is never ending! Always strive to be the best you can be!

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