The Beginning of a Tae Kwon Do Class

 taekwondo TKD duksungsOnce you have made the decision to begin training in Tae Kwon Do you must next begin attending regular training sessions at you’re local school or kwon.

  Class structure can vary from school to school, but usually the first part of class is the bow in. Bowing in is common across all martial arts and is a show of respect to you’re art, you’re instructor, you’re peers, you’re school and finally, to both the nations of the art’s origin and you’re own nation.

  It is common for a school to have an American flag as well as a South Korean flag hanging at the front of the class.

  After bowing in, a warm up is usually the next part of class. Warming up is important as it will keep you from pulling or injuring any part of you’re body, plus it prepares you mentally to train.

  Warmup usually consists of stretching, general technique practice, and sometimes conditioning through pushups, jumping jacks and in the case of a large kwon, laps around the floor.

 Stretching of the legs is the primary concern when stretching as much of the art is devoted to kicks. Splits, windmills and butterflies are all common stretches. After stretching, practicing general techniques is important.

 This is the practice of various kicks, punches and blocks.

These techniques are integral to every part of the art, as such it is important to spend time focusing on the technique removed from sparring or form practice. Practice of techniques is done by lining up and facing the front of class, following the instructor on his count.

 Often the instructor will offer tips and points to work on while practicing, and depending on class size may offer some individual instruction.

 Finally, conditioning is often the last part of warmups.

Not all schools will do this, but it can be beneficial to you’re mental state, fitness and strength. Conditioning, as stated above, is mostly done by pushups, crunches, sit-ups and other common exercises.

Warmups are important because they prepare you for class, as well as set the tone for the training session. As such you should always come prepared for this starting workout.

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